Antoine Lavoisier Biography

Antoine Lavoisier Biography

Antoine Lavoisier was born on 26th august in the year 1743 is the father of chemistry in the modern world. He was a great French nobleman important in the record of biology as well as chemistry. Antoine Lavoisier gave name to hydrogen and oxygen and assisted to build the metric system, put collectively the elements and aid to give chemical nomenclature. This scientist was the first one to establish that sulphur is not a compound, but it was an element. He also discovered that even though matter may modify its shape or form, but the mass stays the same always. He administrated Ferme Generale and he was the great member of numerous other aristocratic programs. These economic as well as political dealings helped him to get money for his researches in the science field.

He was also accused by Jean Paul mart and other crimes. Both Benjamin Franklin and Antoine Lavoisier were friends and become Benjamin Franklin inquiries members in to animal magnetism and Mesmer. Actually he was to the wealthy family in the city of Paris. He got his education at the Des Quatre national college from the year 1754 to 1761. There he studied botany, chemistry, mathematics as well as astronomy. He was also anticipated to get certification to practice law prior changing his life to science.

The education of Antoine Lavoisier was covered with the principles of the French enlightenment and was attracted by Pierre Macquer`s chemistry dictionary. Antoine attended lectures and his passion and devotion for chemistry was highly influenced by a famous French scholar namely Etienne Cadillac. His chemical published released for the first time in the year 1764. He also learned geology from Jean Etienne from 1763 to 1767. Working with Guettard, he performed a geological research of Alsace Lorraine in the month of June 1767. Antoine was chose as a member at his 25th age of French academy. He performed on the geological map in the year 1769 for the first time in France.

He married Marie Anne in the year 1771 who is daughter of Ferme Generale. She also proved like a scientific employee to her husband. Marie translated English documents which is included with Joseph Priestley’s research as well as Richard kirwan`s essay. She also made lot of sketches and imprinted engravings of the tools availed by the scientist in the lab. She edited and released his husband memories and conducted parties at that important scientists discussed issues and ideas associated to chemistry subject. This scientist explained the oxygen role in metal rusting and its role in plant and animal respiration. While working with Simon, he performed many experiments which presented that respiration was necessarily a gradual combustion of natural material availing inhaled oxygen. His demonstration of combustion disproved that postulated the materials produced substances known as phlogiston while they burn. He also obtained a law degree but not practiced like a lawyer. He was convicted and guillotined in Paris on 8th may at his 50th age. His statue was erected and it was melted at the time second world war and till now was not been replaced.

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